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Why Choose Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Hot Water Extraction vs. Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

You know you need to have your carpets cleaned, but with so many options, how do you know you are choosing the best one?  Should you pick a company that uses hot water extraction or steam cleaning?  What is different about a low moisture carpet cleaning company?  Here are the basics that you need to know to get your carpets looking as good as new.

What is Hot Water Extraction (or Steam Cleaning)?

Many carpet cleaning companies use hot water extraction, or "steam cleaning" to clean your carpets, and we are no exception.  While there certainly is steam involved in this method, there is also very hot water.  These companies use a high powered carpet cleaning extraction device that sprays carpet cleaning solutions and hot water into your carpet.  Then they use a wand to extract the dirt, solution and water used to clean your carpet.  The process pulls up the stains, dirt, grime, and much of the water, leaving your carpet cleaner than it was before you started.  Professional carpet cleaners usually mount these devices in their work vans or they use powerful portable machines unavailable to the general public, and because they are large industrial strength units, they definitely provide a better clean than the steam cleaning units you can buy or rent at the store.  

Pros and Cons of Hot Water Extraction

Hot water cleaning can be effective but sometimes it comes at a price -- Many companies leave your carpets damp for between ten hours and three days.  If you have furniture that uses stain or paint, you may need to leave it off your carpet until it's completely dry to ensure that none of the paint or stain is permanently transferred to your newly cleaned carpet.  The truck mounted equipment also requires your door(s) to stay open during the cleaning because of the hoses that run from the truck to your carpet (watch your pets!).  Another potential issue with hot water cleaning is the problem of "wick back" - where stains reappear soon after the carpet has dried.  This occurs when the technician leaves excess water in the carpet and pad.  Then when the water evaporates, soiling deep beneath the carpet fiber climbs up the fiber and appears at the top.  When Dave's Rapid Dry uses the hot water extraction method, we are careful to use the appropriate amount of water pressure, and we always extract all the water from your carpets, leaving only surface moisture.  This ensures that you need only minimum drying time, usually between 2 - 3 hours.  

What is Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning?

Low moisture carpet cleaning companies like Dave's Rapid Dry Carpet Cleaning use the latest technology - oscillating pad cleaning machines - to scrub the dirt out.  Using a combination of nontoxic cleaning solutions and a variety of cotton scrubbing pads, the oscillating pad cleaning machine picks up dirt from the carpet surface and also deep down in the carpet pile.  The scrubbing action of the rotating pad on the machine loosens dirt and cleans the fibers of your carpet in all directions, ensuring that your carpet is beautiful and clean all the way through, WITHOUT flooding your carpet and pad with massive amounts of water.  The best part of this process is that you can see the dirt leaving your home as we change out our cleaning pads!

Pros and Cons of Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Not only can companies like Dave's Rapid Dry Carpet Cleaning come right into your home with their equipment, without having to attach it to their company vans and the water tanks inside of them, they can leave your home's carpet looking like new and dry in less than an hour (the low moisture process).  Studies show that this style of cleaning sometimes actually does better than some steam cleaning in releasing dirt and soil that has been ground into the fabric of your carpet over time, especially in residential homes.  Why?  Because we use more agitation of the fibers, much like a washing machine does for your clothing,  This style of cleaning also leaves your home smelling fresher longer, and the carpet tends to stay clean for a longer period of time without "wick back."

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