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Keeping Carpets Clean in Riverside CA

Keeping Carpets Clean in Riverside CA
It’s winter, and that means (for most of the country) snow, rain, and a generally more challenging climate.  For those of us with carpeted flooring in our homes, it also means a serious challenge in keeping our carpets clean.  Here are a few things you can do in order to keep your carpets looking good and lasting for many years.
Probably the best advice is to remove your shoes before walking on your carpets.  The most worn, soiled, and destroyed carpets we see are in homes wherein people walk straight in from the garage, driveway, or yard with their dirty shoes, and leave them on throughout the day while in their homes.  Removing your shoes might be an inconvenience, but it will result in much nicer looking carpet, a cleaner home, and far less expense in cleaning or replacing the carpet.  To mitigate the inconvenience issue, wear slip-on shoes rather than tie-ups. 
Vacuum at least weekly, if not more frequently.  Dirt is like little knives, cutting the fibers, causing great damage and premature wear.  Obviously, removing the loose dirt, pet hair, etc., will extend the life of your carpet.
Spot clean any spills immediately using appropriate methods.  Prolonged stain retention in carpet increases the likelihood of permanence, making removal almost impossible. Check our website at www.allenrapiddry.com for over 200 articles and videos that address almost any kind of spot and stain removal challenge.
Have your carpets professionally cleaned at least annually, even if they don’t “look” dirty.  Allergens, pollen, dust mites, pet hair & dander, and small dirt particles will make residence in deeper areas of the carpet that cannot be reached by the vacuum beater brush.  We clean carpets that look clean but result in lots of nearly black dirty water in our waste tanks. 
For more information about Keeping Carpets Clean in Riverside CA, click this link to be taken to our website.  If the link doesn't appear as link, type www.davesrapiddrycarpetcleaning.com into your web browser. Call us (Dave's Rapid Dry Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning) at 951-377-2436 to clean your carpet, upholstery, or air ducts today!  I am sure you will find your experience with us to be of the absolute highest quality and quite pleasant!  Thank you!
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Keeping Carpets Clean in Riverside CA