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How to Handle Pet Stains in Carpet in Riverside CA

How to Handle Pet Stains in Carpet in Riverside CA

Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, etc…  You love your pets, but CAN’T STAND the pee’ing, pooping, vomiting, and tracking in of dirt and other nasties from outside, right?  When this happens, you have a few options.

First, you can look frantically under the kitchen or bathroom sink, search for the best combination of who-knows-what to make the world’s best carpet spotter… then PRAY.

Second, you can buy something at the store and hope it does the job.

Third, you can go to the local box store and rent a rug-doctor-thingy.  This means you get in the car, drive to the store, wait in line, fill out the forms, load it in the car, take it home, unload it, figure out how to use it, do the job yourself, clean out the machine, load it back into the car, take it back to the store, wait in line AGAIN, and head back home… then wait TWO DAYS for the carpet to dry. 

Finally (and best), you can call a local qualified carpet cleaner who has the skill, equipment, and experience to do the job right the first time.  One call, sit back, let him do the work, and get on with your life, knowing the job was done right and the carpets will be dry MUCH QUICKER (like within a couple hours when you use Dave's Rapid Dry). 

For more information about How to Handle Pet Stains in Carpet in Riverside CA, click this link to be taken to our website.  If the link doesn't appear as link, type www.davesrapiddrycarpetcleaning.com into your web browser. Call us (Dave's Rapid Dry Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning) at 951-377-2436 to clean your carpet, upholstery, or air ducts today!  I am sure you will find your experience with us to be of the absolute highest quality and quite pleasant!  Thank you!

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