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Choosing Quality Carpet Cleaners in Riverside CA,


Choosing Quality Carpet Cleaners in Riverside CA

Carpet cleaners, as with any professionals or tradesmen, come in all shapes, sizes, experience levels, and qualifications.  This article will shed some light about Choosing Quality Carpet Cleaners in Riverside CA

First, recognize that the carpet in your home is no small investment.  The going rate for carpet and pad replacement in the U.S. is between $5 and $7 per square foot, and much higher for the highest quality carpeting product.  Doing the math, you can see where a 1,000 square foot aggregate carpet area is at least a $5,000 investment.

Considering the price of carpet as I just mentioned, you should choose your carpet cleaner professional very carefully.  Many people enter this business with the false notion that with some equipment and chemicals, they can quickly be carpet cleaners.  While they may be carpet cleaners, they may not be good cleaners.

Correctly and professionally caring for carpets requires knowledge of the following: fabric type and how to identify it; backing construction; soiling types and causes; fabric sensitivity; colorfastness; shrink risks.  Among each of these considerations, a true professional understands which chemicals and products to use; proper rinsing agent products and techniques; drying processes; and soil recurrence issues.

Also, what about all the various stains: chocolate, mustard, coffee, wine, grass, vomit, urine, feces, ink, makeup, automotive grease, milk, oils, red food coloring found in fruit and punch drinks?  How to remove these (and other) kinds of stains requires training in stain removal products and processes.

How about the chemistry of it all?  Alkaline versus acid, pH balancing, etc…   It truly is more complex than it appears, and many cleaners are not properly trained, certified, and experienced in these areas, making them a damage risk to your carpet and area rugs.

For more information about Choosing Quality Carpet Cleaners in Riverside CA, click this link to be taken to our website.  Call us (Dave's Rapid Dry Carpet and Duct Cleaning) at 951-377-2436 to clean your carpet, upholstery, or air ducts today!  I am sure you will find your experience with us to be of the absolute highest quality and quite pleasant!  Thank you!

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Choosing Quality Carpet Cleaners in Riverside CA,