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Affordable Carpet Cleaner in Riverside CA

Affordable Carpet Cleaner in Riverside CA,


Finding an Affordable Carpet Cleaner in Riverside CA, is easier than you might think.  However, the affordable part should be just a small consideration when deciding which company to hire when you need your carpets cleaned. Consider other things like their local reputation, what process they use, how responsive they are, how long the carpets should take to dry, and their guarantee.

Local reputation:  Look for online reviews in sites such as Google and Facebook.  Although several sites offer reviews, none offer more detailed and real reviews than Google and Facebook.  How many customers have been willing to take the time to write a review and share their thoughts with the world?  Generally, the more positive reviews, the better.  This indicates the company has done well in making cheerleaders out of their customers.

Process:  Do they use hot water extraction, low moisture bonnet cleaning, absorbent compound cleaning?  Do they actually use cleaning products, or just steam?  It’s good to understand these details before hiring an Affordable Carpet Cleaner in Riverside CA,

Responsiveness:  Do they answer their phones in a timely manner?  If not, do they at least get back to you in a reasonable time, if your call goes to voicemail?  Further, in talking to them, try to learn how responsive they will be if you have a concern after the cleaning is complete and they have left.

Carpet Drying Time:  Have them tell you how long you should expect the carpets to remain damp before they are completely dry.  If they say a day or two, call someone else.  Excess water left in carpet risks stains reappearing from the pad beneath, and 48-72 hour dry times can result in mold development.

Guarantee:  Not all guarantees have to be money back guarantees, but be sure the one they offer satisfies you.  Don’t feel pressured into choosing a company whose guarantee you don’t like.

For more information about hiring an Affordable Carpet Cleaner in Riverside CA, call Dave's Rapid Dry in Riverside at 951-377-2436.  Visit our website at www.davesrapiddrycarpetcleaning.com. 

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